Membership is open to anyone who likes to walk and wants to promote volkssporting.
Dues are $7.00 per year for single, or $14.00 per year for a family membership.
Come to a meeting


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Click here to download the membership application form. Print
the application and mail to:
Linda Haviland
662 Canterbury Circle
Vacaville CA 94687


Next neeting:

1st Monday each month (Except February)
7:00 pm.

Meetings are held in the cafeteria conference room
Vaca Valley Hospital,
1000 Nut Tree Rd

OFFICERS, 2017-2019

Steve Dmytriw, President,

Howard McGill, Vice President

Linda Haviland, Treasurer

Philip Braverman, Secretary


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DATE:December 4, 2017

PLACE: Vaca Valley Hospital, Vacaville, CA

I. Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Steve Dmytriw

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting
November minutes were approved as posted on the web site.

III Treasurer Report
Treasurer Linda Haviland reported ending balance was $ 2289.04. Report filed for audit.


a. Walnut Creek walk – Priscilla Fife asked when the workers walk would be. Consensus was the Friday before the walk. The 10K directions were passed around. Shadetree requested a contract. The contract was signed by Steve. They also want three entities put on the insurance rider. Our insurance put two on, but could not include their insurance company.

b. Mare Island walk – Howard McGill is setting up the walk. He will provide information for an article to send to the Wanderer newspaper. The walk will take place on February 10 and 11, 2018. The workers walk will take place on Friday February 9. The starting point will be on Walnut street although we are not sure of which building. There will be 2 walks a 6 K and 11 K walks. There will be two patches, a normal annual patch and an undated “Mare Crane” patch.

c. Marin Headlands walk – Tom has application for Marin Headlands. The permit costs$ 45. The walk is called the Rodeo Beach Marin Headlands Walk. Tom has the 5 K and 10 K walks. A motion by Steve and Phil seconded the motion to have the walk permit paid by credit card.

d. Opt Outside – We had 3 walkers on Black Friday. These walkers were in our club ( 2 free and 1 Coupon walker.) We used our YRE for Vacaville.

e. Turkey Trot – We had a table setup by 6:15 PM, with Howard and Linda at the table. Next year we should have business cards and literature about our walking club. We need try to promote what we do. We might consider this an AVA community walk and possibly start a walk group for these events. These walks will not be sanctioned but AVA is considering providing insurance for them. We could develop a “kit” to publicize our club at community walks, like Loop the Lagoon.

f. Annual Dinner – Kitty and Johanna are working on this. It will be at Pietro’s #2 , Monday Feb 5, 2018 at 5:30 pm. – cost will be $20.00 and will be buffet style.

g. A 401K : Invest in your health. AVA will start its first virtual online program on January 1, 2018. The cost is $ 18.00 and once enrolled you will be able to track your kilometer and see how you are doing relative to other. More details on enrollment and payment in next Checkpoint and TAW. Any questions – contact Jan at

h. Town Hall Magazine article – Kathy gave Steve a copy of the magazine and he contacted Kathleen Keeter – She was busy and recommended we contact their new Fitness Center co-chairs, Diane Blais and Tom King. Steve sent an email and is waiting for the reply.

a. Steve asked if there was any reason to keep membership applications on file after a member joined. There were none and he made a motion not to retain member applications. Phil seconded to motion.

VI. Publications and Correspondence:
a. The December / January issue of the Wanderer was passed around

b. The Winter Vaca Valley Volks Newsletter was passed around.

a. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM. The next meeting will be on January 8, due to New Years Day on the first Monday of the month.
Respectfully submitted
Phil Braverman, Secretary