Membership is open to anyone who likes to walk and wants to promote volkssporting.
Dues are $7.00 per year for single, or $14.00 per year for a family membership.
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the application and mail to:
Linda Haviland
662 Canterbury Circle
Vacaville CA 94687


Next neeting:

1st Monday each month (Except February)
7:00 pm.

Meetings are held in the cafeteria conference room
Vaca Valley Hospital,
1000 Nut Tree Rd

OFFICERS, 2017-2019

Steve Dmytriw, President,

Howard McGill, Vice President

Linda Haviland, Treasurer

Philip Braverman, Secretary


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DATE:November 6, 2017

PLACE: Vaca Valley Hospital, Vacaville, CA

I. Call to order
Meeting opened by President Steve Dmytriw at 7 pm.

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting
October minutes approved as posted on the internet.

III Treasurer Report
Treasurer Linda Haviland reported no change in account from last month.


A. Walnut Creek walk – There was a delay in getting the walk approved and sanctioned because the AVA computers were down. They are now up and the walk has been approved and sanctioned. Steve feels we need to get an article in the TAW. Steve Dmytriw will see about getting it done.

B. Mare Island – Howard McGill talked with Merna. The building we used last year is not available. The building will be different, signs will show how to get to the new one. The walk will consist of a 5 KM to San Pablo Bay. The 11KM walk will go to the top of the hill to the old lighthouse site, to bunkers, circle around the Spirit Ship and geologic marker. Howard will contact Touro University about our walk. The date for the walk is set for February 10 and 11. This walk that includes the chapel is the 5 KM. The walk will be called the Chapel and Dry Docks Walk. Steve or Howard will write an article about the walk to the TAW by December 25, 2017. The bird chosen for the patch is the Black Necked Stilt. Motion was made and seconded to approve the patch. A motion was made and approved for a second undated patch featuring the “ Mare Island Cranes” (celebrating Mare islands ship building history.)

C. Annual Dinner - Johanna and Kitty are working on it.

D. Opt Outside – Program is on the day after Thanksgiving. We will meet at Diggers Deli at 8:30 am and the walk will start at 9 am.

A. 401K invest in your health starts on January 1, 2018. This is AVA’s first virtual program and information is in the November Checkpoint. The Fitbit or Apple Watch will interface with this program and you will be able to track your mileage. The cost will be $ 18 per year. January 8, 2018 is the projected start of the program

B. AVA has a new stamp machine that can customize stamps for walks. They will make our stamps and they will have the walk name, sanction number and year on the stamp.

C. Community events have new classifications in 3 categories. More information to come:

Guided Community

D. Linda Haviland noted that many organizations have 5K or 10K walk/runs in the local area. She suggested that we participate, or at least have an information table at these events. A committee was formed with Linda Haviland, Bud and Jill Simmons to look into it.

E. Kathy Gaehler suggested we advertise the club in the Leisure Town Magazine. She will get a copy so we can find contacts.

VI. Publications and Correspondence:
The October 2017 checkpoint was passed around the room.

A Howard went to the Bass Festival in Rio Vista on the Saturday of the festival to check on a place to setup our table and for parking. He will talk to the Rio Vista chamber of commerce.

The next meeting will be on December 4, 2017. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.

Respectfully submitted
Phil Braverman, Secretary