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Do you enjoy walking for exercise or pleasure? Do you like being outdoors, seeing new places and meeting nice people?
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If so, volkssporting may be for you. The Vaca Valley Volks Walking Club, Vacaville, California was formed in 1986 to sponsor and promote volkssporting in the local area. Volkssporting events include walking, biking, swimming and cross country skiing. The majority of our events are walks and are in Vacaville or within an hour's drive of Vacaville.

The walks are non-competitive and are for singles or the whole family (even the dog at many events). It is an adventure in health, recreation, fellowship and fun. It is not a contest of speed or endurance. Participants do the walk at their own pace but must complete the event before the finish time. All of our events are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association (AVA). Different clubs put on walks in their local area. Most of the walks are 5K/10K (about 3 or 6 miles) and locations of nearby clubs range from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe.

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