Fallen Leaf Lake / Lake Tahoe

Registration was at the Snopark parking lot on a beautiful morning for a walk. It started out
going through tall trees and following Taylor Creek to the Fallen Leaf dam. After crossing the dam, the walk followed the Fallen Leaf Lake shoreline. Fallen Leaf is a mountain lake surrounded by pine trees and snow capped mountains. It is higher up than Lake Tahoe and feeds into it via Talor Creek. After leaving Fallen Leaf, the walk follows dirt trails and bicycle paths to Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe was as clear and cold as advertised. A century ago, what is now the Tallac Historic Site held the "Grandest Resort in the World" and the summer retreats for three of San Francisco Bay Area's socially elite families. Today the remains of the resort and the restored estates attract many thousands of visitors annually. The walk passed by numerous estates and buildings that are part of the Tallac Museum and Historic Site - inluding Vahalla (the old Heller family summer estate), the Pope estate, the Baldwin estate and a boathouse-turned theater. The walk then goes through the wetlands adjoining Lake Tahoe and past winter feeding grounds for the bald eagle. Finally, it passes through the Stream Profile Chamber, which provides a view of the stream environment allowing visitors to study a diverted section of Taylor Creek through a panel of aquarium-like windows.

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