Apple Hill

Sponsored by the The Placer Pacers, the Apple Hill Silver Anniversary walk started at the El Dorado Orchards and provided 5, 10 and 13K walks.
The walks were mostly on narrow roads that went past Christmas tree farms, vinyards and some of the world famous apple orchards of the area. The 10K walk went past, looped around past the Lava Cap winery, then up and over to Boa Vista. The 5K walk set out staight for the winery, passing by apple orchards, Christmas tree farms and vineyards. It continued down the oak shaded road, where an Acorn Woodpecker had decorated the trunk of a redwood tree with his winter food storage. The walk continued down a relatively steep hill to the turn-around point. A side trip to the Lava Cap winery was possible at this time, then the walk went back up the hill and arrived at the checkpoint at Boa Vista Orchards. Here you could buy anything made of apples and all kinds of crafts. We were served hot apple cider in a booth next to a life sized carving of John wayne. The walk continued on and ended at El Dorado Orchards

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